Recycling Boyfriends?

Posted on May 3, 2013 at 6:00 am by wpadmin Comments Off on Recycling Boyfriends?

Recycling Boyfriends?

Dear Samantha,

I’ve been single quite a few years now and, thankfully, have friends of both sexes. I have a wonderful job. I am slender, quite tall, and I like to wear heels, so I prefer to date taller men. Recently I went out with a man who is very nice, but he is only about my height, without heels! I have a female friend who is shorter. Should I introduce them?

-Willing Wilma

Dear Willing,

While it’s very commendable of you to give away your disposable boyfriend, do it with caution. First of all, how would he feel about it? Can you do it without insulting him, making him feel he’s not good enough for you?

It’s a little like giving away a coat you don’t want anymore. I came from a large family and my sister Ruth and I have always given each other clothes, sometime just to use for a while and sometimes forever. But I have other girlfriends who would feel insulted if I offered them a coat I wasn’t using, even if it looked great on them. It might be a little like that with boyfriends too. Some people may not like your left-overs and some friends might be delighted you kind enough to think of them.

If you’re going to be a matchmaker, pair people who have more in common than that they are both single and height compatible. What about their political views? Religious views? Hobbies or education? Age differences? These are just a few of the things you should consider when matchmaking, just as you should consider them for yourself when anticipating dating someone.

Another matchmaking principle: Don’t oversell. For instance, if you know the person smokes, swears, or rides motorcycles, be up front about it. They may be perfect for each other — or not.

In short, matchmaking is almost as perilous as going on a blind date yourself. If it works, you’re a hero. But if it doesn’t, then you may have a tough job of trying to salvage either one of the friendships.