A View From Above

With Samantha Landy

The goal of A View from Above is to inspire women to live a life under God’s principles, partnering with Him to interpret scripture in a relatable way that encourages and inspires women to live their lives for Jesus Christ and grow in Him daily.

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I was surfing the airwaves one Sunday evening and so happy I tuned in on a program called “Psalms of Hope.”

In all my considerable years, Corrie Ten Boon is the only person I have ever heard who could speak to thousands of people or a mechanized microphone and yet make each person feel as if she were having a friendly chat with only them. To my delight, you have that same rare gift..

All I can say to you is, “thank you and keep up the good work.”

– Eldora Sullivan – Palm Desert, CA

Sage of the Savvy Singles™ Generation…

Author of "Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets" tells your audience:

  • Why fate probably will not mysteriously present your perfect soul mate.

  • How she found happiness after the death of her spouse.

  • How to keep from being used and abused in a relationship.

  • What is the appropriate level of physical intimacy at various stages of a relationship.

  • Finding joy and serenity in singleness.

  • What are the signs of abusive personalities and how to avoid them.

  • How to stop picking the wrong relationship over and over again.

  • Why STDs are epidemic in retirement communities and the 50 plus demographic.

  • The possibilities, precautions and pitfalls of Internet dating.

  • The tools to develop truly healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

There are 25 million singles over the age of 50!

This is more people than the entire population of Australia. This underserved demographic is in need of instruction, insight and inspiration and has been largely ignored to date. A large part of the radio audience is made up of this age group and guests such as Samantha will bring a refreshing breeze of interest to your listeners.

I wish I’d had this book to guide me when I was single …. for making the right choices and fewer mistakes in seeking a special someone with God’s help.

– Rhonda Fleming Carlson
Actress, Humanitarian

Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets, is a remarkable gift of humor, warmth, wit and practical insights from the Sage of the Savvy Singles Generation.

– Dr. Brian Porter
President Guideposts Foundation

Samantha has taken a bold, practical approach to issues of relationship with wisdom, wit, important statistics, and competent research. A ‘must read’ for the emerging boomer generation and today’s mature adults.

– Randy Swanson
Ex. Dir. & CFO Significant Living

Samantha intersperses important factual information with great examples. It is a book you won’t forget, one you will go back to often for encouragement for your life.

– Gavin MacLeod
Actor & Love Boat Captain

5 things you don’t know about the way your subconscious mind works that could be messing up every relationship in your life!

+ the highest suicide rate in America today is amongst white males 65 and over.

The reasons for this national tragedy are explored and advice given to begin preventing such conduct through satisfying, meaningful, and encouraging relationships.

+ 78 million boomers are now passing age 50; that is 11,000 per day every day for the next several years.

+ The myth of second marriages usually failing is refuted with examples and statistics of highly successful and satisfying second marriages.


Samantha Landy has been a national spokesperson for the education of singles for over 15 years. She speaks at numerous conferences and events and is much sought after for her insightful counsel to singles. She serves on the National Guideposts Advisory Cabinet. She has authored ten books, writes an advice column for Savvy Singles in the Significant Living magazine, as well as writing columns and articles for newspapers and other magazines. She has received two Angel Awards for her singles books and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs throughout the country.

TOM HARKEN – Author/Literacy Activist/Motivational Speaker, Horatio Alger Award Winner
Every chapter in this remarkable book breathes with what love is all about, from how it should be shared, to if it should be shared. Indeed, God walks with us when we are alone. However, in matters of the heart, if you also like to have a hand to hold and find a friendly face delightful, I highly recommend Samantha Landy’s latest. In it, she reveals vibrant and valuable relations secrets for Savvy Singles. All are worth sharing with that special someone you may or may not have met yet.
JACKIE YOCKEY – President, High Adventures Ministries
Samantha’s commitment to excellence in her life is exemplified through her latest book, Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets. Her desire to help other singles who face the issues of mid-life singleness and still maintain the integrity of their walk with God; shines in every chapter. Her practical information as well as survey statistics, enhances the supporting stories from real people. The Relationship Dating Chart is a marvelous guideline, whether the relationship is simply a friendship or potential mate. This is a contemporary, honest, Godly book that will help you on your journey to creative, captivating and compelling relationships.
RANDY SWANSON – Ex. Dir. Significant Living, EVP, CFO, Corp. Counsel of TLI, Inc.
This book is a bold and courageous look at issues of relationship that most are unwilling to address. Especially in the singles world, there is little Christian literature about dating after 50, boundaries for sexual behavior, and evaluating a new second half mate. Seniors are becoming increasingly sexually active, yet, there is little Christian instruction about the rules of physical contact, of proper protection against STDs, and the proper warnings against senior predators. These issues have become a reality for thousands in the second half of life. Samantha has taken a bold, honest and practical approach to these and many other issues of relationship with wisdom, wit, and practical advice, important statistics and competent research. This is truly a “must read” for the emerging boomer generation and today’s mature adults.
RHONDA FLEMING CARLSON – Actress, Philanthropist, Humanitarian
How I wish I’d had this book to guide me when I was single. Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets has everything a woman needs to help her navigate through the perils of loneliness and the trials of life for women mid-life and beyond.
My dear friend, Samantha, shares her own very personal experiences, as well as those of others with deep wisdom, honesty and love of the Lord. In her book, she has written the perfect recipes for making the right choices and fewer mistakes in seeking a special someone with God’s help and in His timing – their own imperfect soul mate.
If you are single and lonely, this is the right book for you!
DR. BRIAN PORTER – President, Guideposts Foundation
Samantha Landy’s latest book, Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets, is a remarkable gift of humor, warmth, wit and practical insights from the “Sage of the Savvy Singles Generation.” Samantha’s universal messages of faith, self-esteem and positive thinking will inspire all readers. To borrow a phrase from the book, definitely a “‘Must Have’ for those, regardless of age or marital status, who have made the choice to live happy.” I highly recommend this book.
GAVIN MACLEOD – Actor, “The Love Boat Captain,” Philanthropist, New Movie – “Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.”
Samantha Landy has always been an inspiration to us. Everything she does with her life is for the Lord. Her new book, Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets, is no exception. She intersperses important factual information with great examples. It is a book you won’t forget, one you’ll go back to often for encouragement for your life. It will bless all who read this book. Long live Samantha Landy!
GREG GRIFFITH – President, G & G Global Development
Samantha Landy’s latest book, Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets is a must read. Her suggestions on how to develop healthy relationships offers a compass in navigating the 50+ singles world and provides insight on what is really appropriate as relationships develop. It is a rarity for a book to bring such practical advice as well as enjoyment to the reader. This is a book you’ll go back to again and again.
JOHN AND BETTY MANN – Johnny Mann Singers
Knowing Samantha for many years, we acknowledge her as a speaker, writer and encourager. As a married couple, we found in her new book that we still have much to learn about “savvy relationship secrets.” The book gives every reader the new opportunity to discover their own “specialness,” not only in finding their soul mate, but in dealing with every relational experience in life. “Samantha’s lived it and it shows!”
ELIZABETH PEALE ALLEN – Guideposts Foundation
Once again, Samantha Landy has authored a book of tremendous power and insight. In a loving and supportive tone, she offers tips and examples of how singles of a certain age can initiate sound, engaging and profound relationships. Everyone in this category – indeed, in any age group – can benefit from her special gifts of understanding and practicality.
Please join me in wishing Samantha the greatest success with this new book. You won’t regret delving deeply into these pages and learning techniques for building healthy, lasting and worthwhile relationships.
NANCY STAFFORD – Actress (Matlock), Speaker, and Author of The Wonder of His Love and Beauty by the Book
Samantha has come through, again, with a book that is realistic, easy to use, and spiced with Samantha’s own stories of being single, as well as those of her friends. You’ll laugh at some of the foibles of her friends and be angry at some of the stories in the Abuse Chapter. Samantha’s warning of how to look for possible abuse in potential relationships is worth the price of the book alone. And her description of “Turkeys and Toads” will give you more than one chuckle, as you evaluate some of your own existing relationships. This is a fun read, as well as informative and encouraging. It’s a book you’ll want to give to all your single friends.
BRADLEY JAMES – Speaker, Singer and Composer of Gift of Love: Music to the Words and Prayers of Mother Teresa.
In a culture that demonizes being alone, author and speaker Samantha Landy’s exacting research and impassioned observations bring warmth and a whole new light to the single state. People are naturally drawn to Samantha, and as a natural listener, she is able to extract the learning moments from each of these experiences giving her readers the essential message in a “right to the heart” lesson. No matter where you are in a relationship, you will come away from this book with a renewed hope in connecting with people. Like a clear lens, Samantha is able to focus on where people are and where they should be going, starting with themselves. Samantha reminds us that single is not a four letter word…and if it is, it spells GROW! So, do whatever you need to get this book, you’ll be glad you did!
CALVIN TAYLOR, D.M.A. – Concert Performer, Worship Presenter, and Music Publisher of over 12 CDs.
We have this treasure in an earthen vessel, and that vessel is my good friend Samantha Landy. Her gift of communicating valuable insights has never been more evident than in her wonderful book, Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets. Here you’ll find the best presentation on the need to forgive I’ve seen to date. And her chapter on finding your soul mate is tremendous. Samantha’s suggestions on compiling your “must-have” and “can’t-have” lists alone, make this marvelous book required reading and an invaluable resource. Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets has my highest endorsement!
DR. MICHAEL RAY SMITH – Professor at Campbell University, Author of
With humor and warmth, Samantha Landy draws from her rich background for insights on love, loneliness, loss and fresh starts. In addition to important facts, Samantha has a chatty style that warms her readers. Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets is a fun read on important, practical ideas for living a life of fulfillment.
SQUIRE RUSHNELL and LOUISE DU ART – Author, When God Winks
Samantha Landy’s prose is so delightfully relevant I wonder if she’s looking over my shoulder. Consider this line from her new book – “Forgiving someone, whether they deserve it or for our benefit.” See what I mean? She’s writing directly to me!
CATHERINE A. MARES, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Vice-President & Financial Advisor
When it comes to relationships, we have a tendency to think only with our hearts. Samantha gives us hope and encouragement as she teaches us to navigate thru our emotions, using our intellect as well as our heart, on our journey to love. I strongly recommend this as a “Must Have” book on relationships!
Mustard Seed Media

Samantha Landy’s journey as wife, mother, entrepreneur, TV host, author, businesswoman, and speaker has centered on one thing – her walk with the Lord. Though she speaks to a variety of groups, she is particularly equipped to encourage the 50-plus group of people, having crossed that milestone herself sometime ago. In 1986, she founded Christian Celebrity Luncheons, a one-of-akind ministry that has hosted a dynamic list of high-profile Christians and inspired and touched thousands of lives. She has appeared on nationally broadcasted television programs including The 700 Club, Living the Life, 100 Huntley Street, Back on Course, The Hour of Healing, Talk of the Desert, Total Living Network, and many others, including programs on TBN.

Samantha also makes frequent radio appearances. Her interviews have challenged and changed radio audiences from KSPO in Spokane, WA, to Oasis Network in Tulsa, OK and the Dr. Alvin Jones Show in North Carolina. Her weekly radio program, Psalms of Hope, airs nationally and internationally, including Israel, Haiti, and the Arab countries.

Samantha has served on numerous national Christian boards and currently serves on the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet. She has authored a number of inspirational books, including Dining with Desert Celebrities, New Beginnings, Reflections, God’s Creatures, A Shalom Morning, The Way.As I See It, Savvy Singles Handbook, Living Network Notebook, Savvy Senior Sabbaticals, Savvy Senior Singles – recipient of the coveted “Angel Award,” and her most recent work, which was also honored with an “Angel Award” – Savvy Singles’ Relationship Secrets. She has written countless articles for publications such as Guideposts (The Plus Magazine), The Christian Communicator, Aglow Magazine, and Haven of Rest. She is currently writing a singles advice column for Significant Living Magazine as well as a column for The Desert Christian News.

To book Samantha for a speaking engagement or interview, please call Tracy at Mustard Seed Media at:

Phone: 435-676-8139
Address: Box 373, Panguitch, UT 84759

Oasis Radio Network

BOOK INTERVIEW for the “The Savvy Singles Handbook” (Navigating the Singles World from 50 and Beyond) by Samantha Landy

“I have booked guests for a daily Christian radio talkshow for over a decade, and a majority of my guests have written a book. While everyone has something special to offer in terms of an interview, it seems that I am constantly being pitched the same “recycled” topics; and as a booker, I want something new, fresh, and different . . . I don’t just want it, I need it in order to feel like my program is maintaining its creative edge. If this sounds familiar, then let me save you some time in searching for something ‘different’ for your talkshow. Today, we interviewed Samantha Landy, author of ‘The Savvy Singles Handbook (Navigating the Singles World from 50 and Beyond)’ . . . I know, the title grabbed me too!

While I have been known to grumble over having to spend my nights and weekends reading books in preparation for an interview, this book was ‘different’ . . . there’s that word again . . . it’s a fun, quick read that kept a smile on my face most of the time. And, while the ‘senior set’ is the target demographic for the book, the tips, stories, and principles contained in its pages are relevant to all singles. As for Samantha Landy as a media guest, the following words come to mind: classy, warm, informed, fun, good talker yet not ‘chatty’, and loves God. I’m looking forward to her next book . . . and her next interview with us.”

David Warren
Producer of “The Roadshow”
Oasis Radio Network
Tulsa, Oklahoma