A Child-like Belief

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 6:00 am by wpadmin Comments Off on A Child-like Belief

It was the day of our Christian Celebrity Luncheon in Rancho Mirage, CA (in the Palm Springs area). Our special speaker for the day was Astronaut, Charlie Duke; I was so intrigued by his story.

Walking, jumping, riding on the moon! Picking up rock never before touched or seen by man! I was swept into the drama of Charlie Duke’s story. As a member of the Apollo 16 Team, Charlie was part of the first scientific expedition to inspect, survey and sample materials and surface features in the Descartes region of the rugged, lunar highlands. Even years after it happened, it was so incredible to listen to his story.

Not being known for my shyness, when the question and answer period came after he spoke, I asked, “I have always loved the face of the man on the moon. If I were looking at the moon, can you tell me, what part of his face did you land on?”

Looking at me with an amused grin, Charlie replied, “As you look at the moon, we landed in the area where his left cheek is.”

Satisfied, I let my mind wander during the other questions to an earlier episode about the moon with my grandson, Jimmy, who was then three.

Pushing the grocery cart out to the car, with my grandson in the seat, I gazed up at the full Montana moon and exclaimed, “Oh, Jimmy, look at the moon. Isn’t it wonderful!” “Yes, Grandma, and it’s all mine!” he said, looking at it in wonder.

“Yours, Jimmy? I think maybe it’s mine,” I teased. “Oh, no, Grandma,” he said, hugging himself with his chubby little arms, “It’s mine, it’s really mine!” “But how do you know it’s really yours,” I persisted. Because my Daddy told me so, it’s mine and the stars are Sadie’s,” he said emphatically. “Well, that’s different then, if your Daddy said it, then I guess the moon is yours and the stars are your sister’s.” I smiled in the dark.

Now, years later, whenever I look at the full moon, I am reminded of the drama of Charlie Duke and the rest of the team landing on “his” cheek. I’m also reminded of my adorable grandson, still in the stage of wonderment, enchantment and delight at this world around him. May we always retain our love and childlike wonder in the world God has given us.

Prayer: Oh God, let us be like that with You! Help us believe simply because You say so! Help us to come to You with child-like belief, child-like wonder and snuggle up close to You and whisper, Abba Father, I love You. Amen.